Project Cargo

Sapir is the preferred terminal on the Adriatic Sea for handling exceptionally large or heavy items.

The terminal is equipped with two top-performing Liebherr 600 cranes with 208 tons of capacity, a reach of 58 metres, a 30 metre high cabin - 5 more than the standard - and eco-software that allows for a reduction in consumption by up to 50% .

SAPIR is therefore able to lift pieces weighing over 400 tons, providing the service in a completely independent way.

Due to the large availability of equipped storage spaces and its own infrastructures, the terminal can handle exceptionally large and heavy packages (general cargo and project cargo), both using the conventional method and loading ro-ro cargo ships.

The large yards offer customers the possibility of carrying out operations on site, such as shipbuilding, packaging and assembly of components ready for loading.

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