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SAPIR (like the other terminal companies of the Group) manages railway transport of goods (especially minerals and iron products) on behalf of its clients. It relies on 11,000 m of tracks serving its terminals. The company carries out loading / unloading formalities, fills in shipping documents and reserves carriages.

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the amount of goods transported by rail.

Recently, the Group’s railway service has purchased a few “swap bodies” for bulk cargo transport, replacing traditional railway wagons. This allowed to skip an intermediate loading/unloading operation, leading to shorter times in transferring goods to their final destination.


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Registered Office
Via G. Antonio Zani 1
48122 Ravenna
PEC: sapir@legalmail.it
Operational Office
Via Darsena San Vitale 121
48122 Ravenna
Terminal General Cargo
Tank Farm
P.IVA IT00080540396
+39 0544 289711
+39 0544 289728
Company Register of Ravenna 00080540396
+39 0544 289901
+39 0544 289729
Entirely paid up share capital 12.912.120,00