Sapir awarded in Milan for technological innovation

13 November 2019 Press and news

The 15th edition of the Prize “Il Logistico dell’anno”, organised by the trade association Assologistica, culminated with the presentation, a few days ago in Milan, of prizes to the winning companies.

Sapir was awarded the Prize in the category “Innovation in the technological sector”, collected by Nicola Rambelli, quality safety and human resource manager (in the photo).

Encouraged by the Chairman Riccardo Sabadini and the Chief Executive Officer Mauro Pepoli, the analysis of all the business processes got underway in 2018 to investigate the possibilities of increasing organisational efficiency through the most technologically appropriate solutions.

It is a gradual and continuous path that will lead the company, within a few years, to a particularly marked and advanced computerisation within the panorama of Italian ports.

In detail, we are working on the complete revision of the activities currently processed by IT programs which are no longer suitable for the current working methods, with consequent diseconomies in terms of time, efficiency and resources used; the analysis of the activities of individual departments, still not adequately supported technologically, in order to coordinate data entry and processing thereof; the revision of the accreditation and access system to the operational areas of the terminal, with the dual purpose of improving compliance with regulatory requirements in terms of security and safety, and streamlining the activities carried out at the Terminal reception office; the review and complete computerisation of the coordination and interference management procedures, related to the embarking/disembarking operations, with the other actors involved.

These activities are developed through flexible and integrable information systems (a single management platform) and managed through hardware and software solutions targeted to the business requirements of increasing efficiency, involving the aspects of improving the active physical safety on the operating equipment (e.g. cameras supporting operations and proximity sensors) and organisational means (specific software for managing particularly high-impact processes).

The Prize awarded by Assologistica is a significant step of certification of the interest aroused, also at national level, by the path undertaken.



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