Sailing hub to be built on SAPIR premises

22 February 2022 Press and news

The first step to create a ‘sailing hub’ in Ravenna’s port has been completed. This is poised to be a new industrial site for the production of pleasure boats, intended for shipyards and the many activities related to the sailing world.
Indeed, yesterday, 21 February, the deed through which SAPIR Group started the process to make the surface right for the area where the hub will be located available for the newly established company Polo Nautico di Ravenna S.r.l. was signed at the headquarters of Ravenna’s port authority.
Polo Nautico Ravenna S.r.l was specifically set up to manufacture pleasure boats; it owns prestigious national and international brands in the design and construction of high-tech composite material craft.
The surface right, which will last for 30 years, covers an area of approximately 28,000 square metres owned by SAPIR located in the Trattaroli Peninsula and overlooking the Piallassa Piomboni port basin.
As many know, the area of the Trattaroli Peninsula which instead overlooks the canal on the right, is intended for the construction of the new container terminal aimed at implementing the most advanced combined transport concept.
The establishment of this new operator in Ravenna’s port is undoubtedly an additional opportunity for the growth of the port and of all our local area. The production of pleasure boats is indeed a key sector that includes various related and ancillary activities, from carpentry to plant engineering, the production of fibreglass and logistics.
“The commitment made in recent years with the enhancement, through the creation of single access points, of areas owned by SAPIR and to be developed – said SAPIR President Riccardo Sabadini – was in line with the interest of the company and our shareholders but, as often pointed out, also aimed at creating investment opportunities by top entrepreneurs on the market and attracting new trades.
Today’s deed is part of that journey and I am confident that there will be others.
Sapir is fully committed to the development of the port, in line with our history during which we have built the port and driven its development.”


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