In order to increase the knowledge of the port of Ravenna, to the realisation of which SAPIR has contributed in an extremely important way, it has been considered appropriate to carry out an experiment to disclose photographic material to the public without the need to obtain prior consent from the legitimate holder of the rights of use, i.e. SAPIR itself.
The experiment will be, at this stage, limited in time and may be terminated at SAPIR’s discretion and in relation to the evaluations made by SAPIR.
The photographs present in this section of the website can be used for knowledge and illustrative purposes of the port of Ravenna and the ports in general, as well as for cultural, social, research and socio-economic purposes.
They can therefore be used for illustrative purposes of intellectual and creative works.
They may not be used for commercial purposes and may not be transferred against any economic use to third parties other than those who have legitimately acquired them.
They must be used in ways and places that are consistent with the purposes of the Code of Ethics available at the link.
SAPIR reserves the right to take legal action against all those who use said images in a manner inconsistent with the above indications.





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