Terminal Nord

Terminal Nord SpA performs unloading, loading, storage and shipping activities of bulk and packaged products in the facility built by SAPIR, which totally owns it, in Trattaroli Sinistra area.

Terminal Nord manages an area of 70,000 m2, relying on a 440 m approaching dock with a depth of 11,50 m.

Port operations are carried out by five harbour cranes capable of handling heavy lift cargo up to 140 tons, equipped with 23 m3 buckets capable of providing excellent unloading performances. The storage area includes a 34,000 m2 yard, a 5,000 m2 warehouse and a 12,000 m2 indoor area.

The Terminal is equipped to provide mixing, crushing, packaging and unpackaging of big bags.

An internal railway network, with 1,300 m of tracks, allows to ship about 500,000 ton/year of goods by rail, leading to considerable savings for clients.

The Terminal boasts a cutting-edge IT infrastructure that, among other things, allows clients to manage stored goods online.

TN is specialized in clay and feldspar unloading and handling operations.

Operational means

Registered Office
Via G. Antonio Zani 1
48122 Ravenna
Operational Office
Via Baiona 171
48122 Ravenna
+39 0544 289711
+39 0544 289888
Company Register of Ravenna 01118720398
+39 0544 289901
+39 0544 289889
Share Capital € 520.000,00


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