General Cargo

The Terminal can handle up to 500,000 tons per year, including  iron, steel products (steel plates, pipes, coils, etc.) and project cargo, 600,000 tons of clays and other minerals, 500,000 tons of fertilizers and other bulk products.

Due to the high availability of spaces equipped for storage and to its infrastructural equipment, the Terminal can handle heavy lift of exceptional weight and size (general cargo and project cargo), both through “traditional” loading and roll-on roll-off ships.

Large yards allow clients to carry out on-site shipbuilding activities and the assembly of components to be loaded.

The Terminal can offer clients a radiometric control service of unloaded coils, before clearing.

Storage of Fertilizers

The fertilizers unloaded at General Cargo Terminal are stored in special warehouses.

Cold Store

The SAPIR area includes the only cold store of the Harbour of Ravenna, which can accommodate up to 3,000 pallets.

The storage bins are equipped with refrigerating systems capable of maintaining products at a controlled temperature ranging from -10°C to +16°C. Currently, fruit and vegetable products are mainly kept in the cold store.

Storage of Minerals

The geographical position of Ravenna Harbour is strategic for supplying by sea the raw materials required by Emilia's ceramics districts of the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena. Goods are unloaded by port cranes and transferred, through internal carriers, to storage yards, where the first processes of crushing and mixing requested by clients are carried out. On request, big bags can also be packaged.

The subsidiary Terminal Nord, located in Sinistra Candiano, is specialized in minerals handling.


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