The port

The port of Ravenna is the only commercial port of Emilia-Romagna and one of the major ports of the Adriatic sea for freight trade.
Being strategically positioned, the port plays a leading role in Italy for its trade with markets located in the East, in the Mediterranean countries and in the Far East. Thanks to its links with road and railway networks, the port can be easily reached from the main Italian and European markets.

The Company

Today SAPIR is the main Terminal Operator of the port of Ravenna and one of the largest ones in Italy.

It manages an over 500,000 m2 area and relies on 1,600 m of docks with a 10,50 m water depth, linked to the railway network and equipped with six harbour cranes capable of handling heavy lift cargo weighting more than 400 tons.

The operational area includes about 67,000 m2 of warehouses, 41,000 m2 of indoor areas and 223,000 m2 of yards for goods storage and a tank farm having a 84,000 m3 storage capacity.

SAPIR has got a fleet of highly performing operational means for handling activities in yards and warehouses and for the transfer of goods. They ensure high performances for any type of handled goods, also using state-of-the-art computer technologies.

The terminal is served by an efficient railway network with 11 km of tracks.

Thanks to an experienced and highly specialized staff, the SAPIR facilities can ensure maximum efficiency in handling and storing fertilizers, minerals, iron and steel products, timber, project cargo, liquids and controlled temperature goods.

DOCKS / 1.600 m

WAREHOUSES / 67.000 mq

INDOOR AREAS / 41.000 mq


TANK FARM / 84.000 mc

RAILWAY NETWORK / 11.000 m of tracks

Short History

SAPIR was founded on 28th June 1957, as a corporation with a capital of one million Italian liras, with the possibility to increase it to 20 millions. Its purpose was designing, building and developing the harbour of Ravenna.

Its founding members were ANIC (ENI Group), the Chamber of Commerce and Serafino Ferruzzi with strong encouragement from the Minister for the Treasury, Giuseppe Medici.

The first Board of Directors met on the 23rd August 1957, when Enrico Mattei (Chairman of ENI) was appointed as its Chairman.

Some months later, the Municipality of Ravenna participated into the share capital of SAPIR, followed by the Province of Ravenna and the Emilia-Romagna Region in the next few years.

In 1958 the Chairmanship went to the harbour designer, Luigi Greco, then from 1964 to 1974, to the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Luciano Cavalcoli, the strongest supporter of the harbour.

SAPIR obtained the necessary prerogatives to start the Harbour construction thanks to Law 528/1961, named after its proponent, Benigno Zaccagnini from Ravenna, who was the Minister for Public Works at that time.

The Law appointed SAPIR as the contractor responsible for carrying out public works in the Harbour of Ravenna and in the industrial development area.

The Candiano Canal, which started to be excavated in the first half of the 18th century, needed to be widened and deepened, moving the excavation soil behind its two banks, so that this waterlogged ground could be reclaimed and enhanced.

The main works started in 1963 with the excavation of the canal and the building of docks in San Vitale area and continued rapidly. The progress of the works was accompanied by a gradual increase in trade, since the mooring of ships with increased tonnages became possible.

The official opening event of the Harbour was held on 3rd July 1971.

Another milestone in SAPIR’s history took place in 1976, thanks to another well-known citizen from Ravenna, Sergio Cavina, at that time President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, who promoted the regional law allowing the SAPIR terminal to be built.

For another thirty years, SAPIR’s history followed that of the Harbour of Ravenna, built and managed by the company, achieving results that were initially unthinkable.

In 1994, following the Law establishing Port Authorities that took on all public-interest functions in the port sector, SAPIR focused on managing its own areas and on the further development of the terminal business, due to its reduced involvement in the harbour’s guidance and planning activities.

The Headquarters

Since 2011 SAPIR’S Headquarters are located in the new Port Management Centre in via Zani 1, a few hundreds metres from the Terminal.

The Centre is courtyard-shaped with a 12,500 m2 working surface that includes 5 buildings such as the new offices of the Customs Agency, an inter-company canteen, a garden inside the courtyard and all related services, including a parking lot and archives on the basement.

During the design phase, special care was given to the application of technologies aimed at achieving significant energy savings, such as producing energy through a high-performance cogeneration plant combined with central heating. Moreover, materials were carefully selected: suitable masonry packages were prepared and innovative window and door frames were used to achieve excellent values from a thermal-acoustic and internal comfort viewpoint.


Presidente: Riccardo Sabadini

Vice Presidente: Nicola Sbrizzi

Amministratore Delegato: Mauro Pepoli

Management and Organization Systems


On 15th May 2001 the company was granted the Quality certification in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 standard, subsequently updated with 2000, 2008 AND 2015 editions, due to the evolving legislation. On 6th September 2004, SAPIR was the first Italian port terminal to achieve the Safety certification in compliance with OHSAS 18001 standard and continued to fully comply with it over the years, also when the UNI ISO 45001: 2018 came into force.

This really virtuous and substantial process aims at orienting the company policy towards the human factor that has become the cornerstone for a correct business management aimed at ensuring safety and a greater ethical and social responsibility.

231/01 Organizational Model and Etchical Code

Following the coming into force of the legislative decree of 8th June 2001, no. 231, which for the first time introduced an "administrative liability" regime for companies in our legal system, in 2005 Sapir adopted an Organizational Model aimed at pursuing fairness and loyalty in conducting affairs and managing all business activities.

The SAPIR Group also developed an Ethical Code defining a set of values that is recognized, accepted and shared by the Group, at all levels, while carrying out its business activities.

The values and the specific operating instructions laid out in the Organizational Model and in the Ethical Code are binding on the Group’s directors, executives and officers. Moreover, their compliance is a prerequisite for establishing any type of job, commercial or, generally speaking, business relationship between third parties and the Group companies.

Registered Office
Via G. Antonio Zani 1
48122 Ravenna
Operational Office
Via Darsena San Vitale 121
48122 Ravenna
Terminal General Cargo
Tank Farm
P.IVA IT00080540396
+39 0544 289711
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Company Register of Ravenna 00080540396
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Entirely paid up share capital 12.912.120,00


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